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# DareNET Link Application
* Please be sure to read through the full application, do **not** skim.
* It is **strongly** advised that you mark your issue confidential to make your application only visible to yourself and the Infrastructure team, if you do not mark the issue confidential, anyone can see the applicaiton.
* You may find us in #Infrastructure if you have any questions.
Please see the following links for further information regarding linking to DareNET:
Required fields are denoted with an asterisk (*)
## User information
1. Applicant's full name*:
2. Applicant's account name*:
3. Applicant's country of residence*:
4. Applicant's email address*:
5. Applicant's telephone number (with best times to contact including timezones; list home/work/mobile separately):
6. Applicant's previous links. Have you previously linked a server to any IRC network? If so, which one(s)? Under which nicknames/handles?:
## Server information
1. Hosting provider. Where is this machine hosted? What is your arrangement with this provider? (i.e., virtualized, co-located, sponsored, etc.)*:
2. Geographical location of server. City, principality and country where the server is physically located?*:
3. Do you have physical access to said machine?*:
### Hardware
1. RAM/Memory*:
2. Virtualization or Containerization (None? If so, type?)*:
3. If virtualized or containerized, do you have root access to the host machine (N/A if doesn't apply)*:
### Software
1. Operating system and version*:
2. Distro (N/A if OS is not Linux)*:
3. dmesg output -- paste full dmesg output*:
### Networking
1. IPv4*:
2. IPv6:
3. Link Type (100Mbps, 1Gbit, specific routing details)*:
4. Bandwidth (Unmetered? 1TB/month?)*:
## Open ended questions:
1. Free Answer. Please explain why you'd like to link to DareNET, and what, if anything, you wish to get back from doing so*:
2. Is there anything that you would like to change about DareNET? If so, what?*:
## Agreements
* [ ] I have read and fully understand the above mentioned links within this application.
* [ ] I understand and agree that this server is considered sponsored and that root access will be required and that no minimum amount of access to DareNET is guaranteed but *may* be provided as a courtesy.
* [ ] I understand that this server will be automatically provisioned and as such that things such as SSH configuration, sysctl settings and ulimits **will** be modified.
* [ ] I agree not to use my server access to invade on user privacy.
# linkapps
Link applications can be dropped here.
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