Commit ee7f4f0b authored by xorhash's avatar xorhash

Remove indemnification for now

parent 8eab4ba9
......@@ -50,4 +50,3 @@ Required fields are denoted with an asterisk (*)
* [ ] I understand and agree that this server is considered sponsored and that root access will be required and that no minimum amount of access to DareNET is guaranteed but *may* be provided as a courtesy.
* [ ] I understand that this server will be automatically provisioned and as such that things such as SSH configuration, sysctl settings and ulimits **will** be modified.
* [ ] I agree not to use my server access to invade on user privacy.
* [ ] I agree to indemnify DareNET against all civil claims arising from my server through my usage or the usage of others that I give access on this server.
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